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I think this is it...please give me your opinions!!!

Hi all,

So, I've been ttcing for about six years now. I've seen fertility doctors and found out that, besides PCOS, I have an unicornuate uterus with only one ovary attached. So, it's super hard for me to get pregnant.

We haven't seen the FD in a while because we've been trying to adopt 11-year-old twins from foster care for the past 14 months and that just fell through in November. Super disappointment. I happened to be tracking my cycle this month and I know I O'd, and we BD'd at all the right times. I'm 19dpo today...or at least I think that's what I am. LP usually lasts 16-17 days.

So I've had TONS of negative tests. And then I've had TONS of evaps. But I've had 3 or 4 faint positives so far as well...that I can REALLY call positives because they showed up in the time frame. But I'm nervous because they are still so faint. And I'm nervous because I wasn't expecting this and am now in disbelief.

But I feel so "off" and different. I've been nesting (although we are planning on moving so maybe I'm extra motivated?), I have this weird feeling in my abs, I've had waves of nausea on and off, and lots of other tips, such as not being able to stand rosemary.

Anyone else experience this? Anyone else have words of encouragement? Help?!

And thanks ladies!

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