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Static Clearblue smiley face and then bleeding 3 days after with LH surge during it.

So I am using the clear blue ovulation test and had 8 days of flashing smiley face and then static smiley face on the 9th day. However 3 days later I started to bleed. This has never happened to me so soon after ovulation. So I decided to use Pregmate and Safe @ home ovulation tests on my first and 2nd day of bleeding and the lines on those are super dark and positive for LH surge.

The pregnancy test and the ovulation clearable tests are both negative.

Any idea why this is happening so soon after ovulation?!


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I tried the clearblue digital advance opk. It wasn't for me, I was regulating post bcp. I got a false static smiley, about 2 weeks later I had a large amount of ewcm and positive IC opk. I got AF about 2 weeks after that.

In all fairness once my cycles regulated I didn't try it again. I honestly prefer the IC opk and would sometimes use the plain digital ppl to confirm.

I think that you Oing now most likely and the bleeding is from O. Some women bleed or spot with O.

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