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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Cycle regular but irregular ovulation?

Hi all,

Been TTC for almost 2 years. I've assumed I know my ovulatory window since my cycle is almost always 28-29 days (once in a great while it's 27, 30), and I have corresponding cervical fluid, but my naturopath said I should do an OPK. Last month I started it late - day 13 instead of day 8 like the directions said for a 28 day cycle (didn't buy it until later in my cycle, oops). I didn't have high fertility markers until Day 17 and then peak on Day 21. We did BD accordingly, and I got my period on Day 28. I wasn't too worried about missing, since I figured if I've always ovulated this late, then I guess I've been missing peak day all this time (d'oh). I was worried about short luteal phase, though, but I have high naturopath said she thinks it's ok; that everyone is different, and that my high progesterone means I wouldn't have trouble keeping a baby.
This month, I started the test on Day 8, as I was supposed to last month, and I have HF the next day, Day 9! It's now Day 11, I've had three days of HF.
Does anyone else experience vastly fluctuating ovulatory windows, within a very regular cycle? I am having creamy CF now.
Thinking back, I often have some creamy fluid on "random" days all over my cycle, but usually disregard it. I normally have it for three days or more right in the middle of my cycle, which is when I assumed I ovulated.

Or is the test doing funky things, maybe because I started late last month and on time this month?

DH has hypothyroid, which we're thinking might be the root of our problems. Even if we've been missing peak day, we still do BD close enough that I think it should have "taken" by now, if not for the thyroid. We're focusing - with doc - on getting his levels down. But if anyone has any wisdom about random ovulation, I'd appreciate it!

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