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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Advice on spotting

Oh man! I feel like Iíve lost the plot! Iím on CD 29 and Iíve taken 3 tests and all BFN! I stare at the test and convince myself that a line is appearing! I donít take temps as I donít know what Iím doing! I log everything in an app. So, according to the app, ovulation should have occurred anytime between 10th-15th and we did the deed each one of those days. I cramped and have spotting on the 14th which I assumed could have been the day I ovulated. Based on that Iím now 10dpo and have spotted pink/brown on and off since 7dpo.
Iím just really sure that I want it too much!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I’m in a similar boat! My ovulation was around the same time as yours - should have been the 15th approx. My period is due on the 30th but I started to bleed yesterday. I’m hoping it’s implantation bleeding and not an early period but I’m worried it’s a bit too heavy!

From what I’ve read - yours does sound like it could be promising though. Some women have said they can bleed much longer than the couple of days it should last, although I don’t think it’s super common. Definitely not an expert though.

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