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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Pregnant or paranoid?

Hey, Iím sure this thread is full of these posts but this is my first time TTC so Iím very new to this.

Iím 6 days before AF so itís too early to test but the waiting is driving me insane! I did do a first response test but it came back negative.

I am currently experiencing:
-A day of insane hunger followed by a day of not being hungry at all
-A weird feeling of phlegm Iím the back of my throat that wonít go away.
-During the night last night, I experienced cramping which has completely disappeared now and is too early to be menstruating cramps. (I suppose this could be implantation cramps but weird it has completely gone)
-Iíve had tender breasts since just after what I believe was my ovulation date but Iím not too sure how accurate that is.
- low blood pressure which Iíve never had before

Has anyone else experienced similar or am I just being paranoid/run down?

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