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More body weirdness

So I posted yesterday ( here ) about my confusion with my CM yesterday. Today I'm even more confused. I took an OPK yesterday and got a negative. I assumed O was coming soon though because I've been charting since November and so far my O date has been CD 16-17 every time and yesterday was CD 15. This morning though I kind of goofed up my temp because I knocked my bbt out of bed while I was sleeping and couldn't find it. And I REALLY had to pee. So I went to the bathroom, came back, found the bbt on the floor, then took my temp. Well as we all know ladies, it was too late by then to get an accurate read. So I decided to go back to sleep and try again later. When i woke up again a few hours later, I took my temp immediately, then I shuffled around a little in bed (imitating looking for the bbt), got up and used the bathroom, picked the bbt up (I put it in the same spot I found it in earlier that morning) and took my temp. There was a +.4 difference in my temp between the initial wake up and after going to the bathroom and all that. So, I figured that was as close as I could come to actually knowing my real temp this morning. So, here's the problem, if my real temp was .4 degrees lower than the one I took after using the bathroom this morning (the first time around ) then my temps are definitely dipping which indicates I'm either going to O today or tomorrow. That would actually be right in line with my previous cycles because today is CD 16 for me. BUT when I went to check my CM this morning it was....creamy. no mistake about it. It was weird. My CM never turns from ewcm to creamy that fast, it usually takes a few days and it's never been creamy when I'm about to O. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm truly puzzled by whatever is going on with my body right now.

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