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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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My BFP symptoms , list

Hi, just wanted to write my BFP symptoms, I got my BFP 3 weeks ago.

I got my BFP 3 days late and it was incredibly faint so I think I ovulated late.. Before that they were negative so don't be discouraged!!

I remember having period cramps the days leading up to the BFP, it really felt like my period was coming.

The night before BFP my boobs were so itchy I cried, it was a really deep tingly itch! That I couldn't get to. It was that night that I clickedi must be pregnant

8 days before positive I had thick white discharge.

I also ate a lot before BFP but this can also be before period...
I also remember about 4\5 days before BFP I had the worlds most enormous long farts they wouldn't stop

I can honestly say that it is true what they say about the symptoms being similar, and I've spent months thinking I've been pregnant and never was, it was this month that I thought I wasn't because of the cramps , until the itchy boob night.

Also it isn't over till the you get AF, you could be like me and of ovulated late and kept getting negatives till a few days late, even then I took till 8 days late to be a dark positive!!!!

Good luck everyone xxxx

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