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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Concerened Husband - Abnormal Sperm Analysis

Hello Everyone.

My wife and I just recently started to try for our first.

Her and I are both planners and a little OCD. We don't like surprises and really try to get a nice baseline understanding of things.

With that said, I sort of had a gut feeling that something may be off with me. I purchased the at home SpermCheck and the results came back abnormal. Afterwards, I made an appointment with a local lab to have a SA done and here are the results below, my concerns are the count, morphology and viscosity:


Volume: 4.30 mL
Concentration: 2.48 million/mL
Total Sperm Count 10.66 million


Progressive: 36%
Non-Progressive: 14%
Immotle: 50%
Total Motility (Progressive+Non-Progressive): 50%

Total Progressive Motile Sperm: 3.84 million

Sperm Morphology

Normal: 3%
Head/Structural Defects: 95%
Acrosomal Defects: 1%
Neck/Midpiece Defects: 1%
Tail Defects: 1%

Total Normal Sperm: 0.32 million

Semen Factors

Compete Sample: Complete
Abstinence: 3 days
Liquefaction: <60 minutes
Viscosity: >2
pH: 8.0
Agglutination: None
Other Cells: 0.0 million
Debris: Light

The doctor also noted:

Abnormal; very poor prognosis (Very low chance of pregnancy without medical intervention; chance of pregnancy may increase with IVF)

The other factor that I would like to put here is that I have an affinity for hot baths and am wondering if this could be playing a factor in this. I have read both that it absolutely can and I have read the opposite stating that it's an old wives tale.

I stopped the baths a few days before Lent started and I know its about a 72 day cycle time for sperm regeneration.

I would love to hear other peoples experience and/or what you all have done as next steps.

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