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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Charting experts, help? High BBT continued through new cycle?

Looking for feedback! My BBT never dropped after my last period. My pre-O temps stayed just as high as my post-O temps from last cycle and with a shift that looks like ovulation, they have gone even HIGHER this cycle. If I overlay my charts, the other ones overlap, but this chart is floating above all the other ones. If I merge my charts, you can see, it looks like one big triphasic chart... I've taken a few HPTs throughout this time, but they are all negative.

I do have symptoms; nausea, dizziness (almost passing out in the shower for example), light cramps and very very sensitive nipples. I had the nausea and dizziness even during what I assume was my period.

Here are the two charts merged, and an overlay of my current chart compared to previous ones (if I don't merge it).

Everything I've read also seems to suggest that 18 days of high temps usually means you are pregnant. Clearly that isn't the case for me, so what can it mean?

Last test was taken Monday afternoon with a FRER.

I see my GP this coming Monday and if I don't have another bleed/period by then and/or my temps don't drop, I may just ask for a blood test.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

- I temp orally, at the same time every day
- It's a Mabis, battery is fine, I check the temp at least twice to be sure
- No environmental changes (blankets warmer weather etc) and I haven't been sick
- No fertility issues I know of, been charting for over a year and never had this happen.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Have you tested again?

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