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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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What is happening?

Hello. First off I hope this in the right forum, forgive me if it's not.

Background on me: I never wanted children, but didn't suspect I couldn't have them. About four years ago, I was with a partner and decided that I did want kids. He already had a son and wasn't too enthusiastic about it. He said that if it happened ok, but if not oh well. We weren't exactly trying but we weren't not trying either. We didn't use condoms or birth control, just the pull out method. We broke up because I wanted to seriously try and he didn't. I still didn't think anything of it because the pull put method is actually rather effective despite what we tell young people.

Anyway, now I'm 30 and have been with my current partner for 3 years. We've been actively trying to concieve for 2 of them. In 2016, I had a near death experience. I'm not being dramatic. I was in a 12 day coma and my kidneys failed. I recovered, as did my kidneys. But my period stopped. The doctor said it wasn't abnormal given how ill I was and it should return. When it didn't, I was put on the pill. Instantly my periods came back. I took it for 6 months with normal periods the whole time. Then I said this is dumb. I want a kid why am I on the pill? I stopped taking and for a few months still got normal periods. But it changed and they got irregular again, to the point that I've only had maybe four in the past year. The ones I have had are awful and painful and heavy. The doctor wanted to refer for testing for PCOS a couple months ago but I lost my insurance. I have insurance again and actually have an appointment in two weeks.

Before I got sick, my periods were regular. I'd occasionally skip one (maybe one a year or so). But for the most part they arrived at the same time each month, lasted the same length of time, and had the same flow and consistency. I had some issues when I was young with heavy bleeding. But that pretty much went away by the time I was 23.

Flash forward to yesterday. My partner and I had pretty much given up on concieving without the help of fertility drugs. I've been feeling tired and sick. A coworker who didn't know me well commented that I could be pregnant. I brushed it off like you learn to do when you run into fertility issues. But it got me thinking. I had a pregnancy test that had been in a drawer for several months. I took it late last night expecting it to be negative. It was positive with the test line darker than the control line. I thought it's an old test. It's not right. I sent my partner to the store this morning and got a new one that's a different brand name. Took it this afternoon. Same results. Positive wirh a darker test line than control line. I've kept it to myself but I did tell my sister who dismissed it as a false positive due to my hormone issues. What do you think? The lines aren't at all faint. They're clear and darker than the control line on both tests.

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With a test line darker than the control it sounds like a bfp to me. Congrats!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Congratulations!! Time to get booked in for a doctors appointment! That way they can confirm it for you with a blood test

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