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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC for 3 Years

I've been TTC for 3 years with PCOS.
I have had one chemical pregnancy.

I am on my second round of fertility treatment, 13dpo with a bfn pt this morning...

I have two more days left on my progesterone but I just know that it isn't my month again. I know that my suppositories are delaying AF, I don't know why I know, I just do, maybe so many years of negative pt's tell me.

And yet, here I am looking for any hope..could I still get my bfp?

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hey dear!!

Ive been married for almost 4 years and also suffering PCOS with more than 12 immature follicles on my right ovary.. We started for abt 1 and a half year trying to conceive our first child.. Still no success.. Recently went for HSG, no blockage.. Went for blood test hormones are normal.. Only that i was diagnosed with controlled dm type 2 due to hereditary. DH SA is normal. So i recently started on my first clomid trial cycle 1 on feb 2018 with bfn althou i was ovulating well with progesterone level on cd21 was 42.4nmol/dl. So currently on my 2nd cycle clomid.. Currently 2dpo as i ovulated late on cd20.

I know its hard to go through numerous cycle in attempt to get pregnant. Had my share of cries and disappointment and questioned why aren't we blessed with child.. but i was reminded by DH that we are blessed with other things in life.. Blessed with great families and supporting people around us.. Of course i may not have the exact answer to ur question but there is always a chance and hope to conceived. As long AF hasn't shown up.. Keep that hope going.. God is the best planner.. He knows when we are ready for that special miracle blessing.. Hugs!

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