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Provera & Vitex together for Ovulation?

Hi! Have a question for all of you who took/are taking Vitex. Has anyone taken it with Provera? I have PCOS and my dr prescribed me Provera 10mg for 10 days a month to control my bleeding. I have been ttc for a year and have taken OPKs for about 9 months and I dont ovulate. My dr wont give me anything to help me ovulate and I was told to go to the fertility clinic but it turns out my insurance doesnt cover it 😞 so im looking for natural options. I tried Soy Isoflavones for 3 cycles but it hasnt really worked (i think it was kind of working the last cycle but ran out and kind of want to just try something different for a while). I have ready about women taking Vitex starting on the 2nd or 3rd day of bleeding and then taking for 10 days but other people say not to take them together at all so im confused! Does anyone have any actual experience with it??

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So I was taking vitex October 2015 through May 2016. Dec 15 I had annovulatory cycle. I stopped vitex to take provera to induce withdrawl bleed and start "fresh". If you are ttc, I don't think taking provera would be good. My ob gyn told me to take pregnancy test before I even took provera.

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