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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Okay, so we're not trying just yet. We're actually waiting till next month. I've been tracking my cycle on two different apps and both say different things. Lately, I've been feeling super tired and then about 3 days ago I started getting a tugging and pulling feeling on my lower right side. It doesn't hurt but it's weird. I'm also gassy and very irritable for no reason. Today I started crying for no reason and I have zero appetite. I've been taking prenatals cause my doctor suggested it 3 months before we start trying. Oh, and sorry if this is tmi but today my husband and I did.... IT .... and there was like pink..? I've had no other spotting or anything else. Could this all be from ovulating? One app says I ovulated a couple days ago and the other said I did last week. Like I said, I'm not trying just yet so I haven't been tracking my temperature or anything. Also, sorry if this is long and I don't know all the abbreviations you guys use lol x)

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