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Going to a Gyno?

Hello, I havenít posted here since my first MC over a year ago, so itís been a while lol. After that incident we decided to wait a few months before fully trying again, which was until October this past year. This July will make it our 9th try going in and itís been a little frustrating. I know people who have tried a whole lot longer than we have so I try not to complain and just go with the flow until, a year has gone.

Now to get to the point, these past couple cycles have been a little weird for me. About a day or two after Ovulation my breasts get really tender and stay that way until AF comes, along with some lower back pain and some dull aches and discomforts on both sides of my pelvic area.

Then this last cycle, at the time AF was ending I kept having brown spotting for another half a week until a few days before Ovulation which then turned into full on bleeding to where I needed a pad. This hasnít happened for as long as weíve been TTC.

I did go see a doctor as a walk in, since they were booked for a couple weeks and I wanted to get checked up right away. Unfortunately they couldnít do much but treat it as a yeast infection. They did think it could have been a kidney stone but I highly doubted that. After the treatment a day later, the bleeding stopped but the sore breasts and occasional dull aches still were there.

Iím honestly not sure whatís going on and am hoping someone has gone through this and knows what it is. I have been pushing off going to the Gyno since I had a bad first experience last time and donít want it to look like Iím just trying to get checked early before the year mark. I do worry it may be a blocked tube or PID, but I feel like I just worry too much since TTC.

Sorry if itís TMI and for how long it is! Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Could be an ovarian cyst?? I had one in high school where I bled for a month.

I think you should go to a gyno and get checked out. I do not think whatever is causing this irregular bleeding is a yeast infection. This irregular bleeding should be investigated by gyno for sure.

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