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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Stopping birth control mid pack! HELP!

Okay Iím new to this so bare with me ladies. As of Thursday July 5th I stopped taking my birth control mid pack, so I basically only took 2 weeks worth, and it was also my first month being on birth control. I had intercourse that Thursday night / Friday morning. I was expecting my withdrawal bleeding to show up 2-3 days after stopping, from what I remember when I stop birth control I usually get withdrawal bleeding 2-3 days after, itís now been 1 week since my last pill. Iíve been having cramping for the last 4 days but nothing yet. Right now as I type I feel a pulling on my left ovary side and back pain (have been for the past 2 hours maybe) Has anyone ever went through this situation? How soon did you ovulate ? Or conceive after stopping birth control? Thank you ladies!

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