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Im new! im 30 and my husband is 32... This is our first month TTC, and I am 9 days post O right now. Not sure if it will be positive, I plan on testing on Sunday. Im pretty sure I missed it this month but who knows! I've had vivid dreams, bloating, twinges, and now I have sensitive nipples ( also a sign that my period is on its way too) so I can never be sure about that symptom. I just feel like there would be MORE signs that my body would give me.

We weren't planning on trying this month, we just got married on June 24th so ( technically last month) but we decided to try on our wedding night anyways. Not sure WHAT to think! I just hope it happens quick. I have health anxiety which makes things harder for me to stay calm about, especially with things out of my control. Crossing my fingers that even if its not this month it will be soon after!!

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