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Hi ladies. I hope you don't mind me writing in here but I feel that I can relate to how you feel. I might be pregnant now but it's taken me 7 years to TTC number 2. Each month I would think, " this is it. I'm pregnant. " And without fail each month my period turned up. Pregnancy symptoms mimic PMS symptoms too so it's all so confusing. I can't tell you how much money I have wasted on pregnancy tests or how many tears I shed when my period turned up. About 5 years ago after various hospital tests I was told I wouldn't get pregnant as not ovulating. Clomid was offered but I never took it. The baby obsession was taking over. I decided to stop trying so hard but was always hopeful. And year after year no baby turned up. Back in January this year I decided to start working full time. My daughter is going to high school in September and I thought yes I have my life back now. No more babies for me. I guess I had accepted it. My period was due and I even took some tabs the docs gave me for period cramps as was twinging a lot. My period didn't turn up but very usual for me as have known to be 8 days late. My breasts were really hurting. Hurry up period I said. My boobs are killing. Then 2 days after period due I was sat in hairdressers and I thought oh no I'm going to be sick! After a week of sickness I reluctantly did a test, convinced it would be negative.... And it wasnt. I guess what I'm trying to say is that hope is always there. Nothing can take that. If you have been trying over a year, go and see your doc. There are so many tests now they can do. Really wishing you all the best of luck and the TTC group is very close to my heart x x x

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Originally Posted by Oobies View Post
Originally Posted by Hispirits View Post
i agree ladies, all that emotional upset is not good if your ttc anyway. the best thing to do is try to put it out of your mind during the tww. you've done all you can at that point, its up to nature. i just keep my self busy, i am painting the bathroom at the moment, works wonders!!! lol
the only other thing to do which i am also doing, and with out reading to much into it, each dpo i write down any "symptoms" which is not the word i think i should use, i'll say differences. i do this each day up to af, and the same the following month then you can compare over the months and see if you really are experiencing anything out of the normal. when your not ttc you probably experience all these signs and symptoms anyway on your normal monthly cycle, but because your not ttc you don't think nothing of them. i've been ttc for such a long time now, you just have to be tough!
That's a really good idea =)
I myself get nausia every month and for a while I was conviced either I was pregnant or had something really wrong with me. It took me 10 months to work out it was a pms symptom lol. Probably would have worked it out sooner if I had kept a diary.

On the other hand, I have wacky cycles and alot of differant pms symptoms each month (nausia is really the only constant >.<), so I would probably drive myself crazy reading back each month to see if each symptom had happened before lol, so a diary is probably not really for me.
me too hun, every month my 'symptoms' are different, i'm trying to see if there is a pattern maybe, like one month i'll have spots and headaches, the following i'll have sore fuller bbs & extremely tired the following i may be irritable etc etc,try to see perhaps if every anther month or so he same symptoms occur. if i didn't know better i would say i feel pregnant now, twinges, achey full bbs, headaches, tired,thirsty,cm i have had al these and more building up since ov, but i just note hem down and try to forget about them. i note them in on the notepad on my iphnoe, which is fab as you can also have your fertility friend as an app on there two. my mobile is practically glued to my ear anyway so its hte best place for me to note them down.
sorry if this mesage is dull and full of errors, i just woke up lol

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I am ttc at the moment, i'm not on for another 2 weeks but feel like im getting short period pains, i will be upset if im not and so will my partner, does anyone know any symptoms of conception?

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Originally Posted by KiraLeigh View Post
...My AF is due next week and it's going to kill me as for some bizzare reason I am convinced I am pregnant. The thing is I know I'm not, I have had some promises symptoms but I know they are just going to result in my period arriving promptly.

I just want to be a mommy
I was the same, absolutely convinced I was pregnant, all the ladies on BnB agreed my symptoms were promising and then bang, shows up. I was completely devastated. I let myself be miserable for a couple of days, ate loads of chocolate and cried a bucketful and then got on with planning the next cycle. to us all xxxxxxxxx

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