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REMINDER: You MUST be at LEAST 18 to be here!

"BabyandBump operates a strict NO under 18's using the forum for the following:
Waiting to try (WTT)
Trying to conceive (TTC)
Two Week Wait (2WW)
(Non-pregnant minors using the 'Teen Pregnancy' forum may have their account restricted or banned without warning). BabyandBump does not support minors 'Trying to Conceive'. While we understand that teenage pregnancy is becoming more and more common we do not endorse those under the legal adult age (18 years old) trying to get pregnant, and as such all threads pertaining to this will be locked"

It's one thing if you got pregnant and you're now doing your best to be a good parent; good for you. There is a Teen Pregnancy forum and a Teen Parenting forum.
However, there is NO REASON for you to be TTC when you are under 18, much less to be on a site mingling with adult women who are in a fine position to raise a child.
I'm not calling anybody out, but I've already noticed at least a few under-18s on this subforum.

Please be courteous and respect not only the rules, but your fellow members of this site.

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