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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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CD34, 20DPO, BFN and yet still no AF!


Really hope you can offer me some advice, I'll do the same for you in return. Apologies in advance for the essay!!

As the title says I'm on CD 34 of a normal 26/27 day cycle so either way I'm at least a week late.
Didnt do any OPK tests this month, I just went on CP and CM and I believe I o'd on CD14 which is ok when compared with previous cycles (where I have used OPK, I've always o'd betwen day 12 and 14).

I tested on CD 27, which I thought was a bit early and it was BFN (expected!)

Later on that day, I continued to have cramps, the kind you get when you know AF is going to rear her ugly head, and this has happened on CD 27, 29 and 32 respectively. I did a HPT on CD32, as I assumed that since my AF was so late it would have to show on a HPT if I was in fact PG.

This HPT was also BFN. I've had no pregnancy symptoms at all, the only thing was a lack of AF; I have had nausea all day today but like anything, it may not be PG related. I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

Any advice or experiences you have had and want to share, I'd be glad to hear it.

Thanks x

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Sometimes it can take a while for HCG to turn up in urine or you maybe one of the few who don't get + urine tests. It is also possible that you ovulated late, you may have geared up to ovulate and not, then ovulated later in your cycle.

Have you tested with a FRER? If no AF or + then pop to your GP for a blood test.

Good luck!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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This is exactly what is happening to me at the moment! Crazy long LP, no AF, BFN, no symptoms except for the odd cramp here and there. Driving me nuts!

I'm at CD52, 25 DPO (one of my longer cycles, but they're generally about 45 / 50 days long) so have made myself an appointment with the doctor. I reckon it might be a good idea for you, just to get some answers. And you know that when you do get the blood test, AF will come to the party hehe

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im in the same boat! im seeing the doctor tomorrow though as im panicking because i changed pill and think ive been caught!

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I agree that you just ovulated later than you thought. The only thing that can confirm ovulation is temping or bloodwork. Opks and cm do help but some people like me don't even get ewcm so it's not always right. The thing about not finding hcg in your system is not really true. After 16 days at the most if your pregnant it will show. So I'd suggest to continue testing until you get your af or you get a bfp! It is still a possibility!

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