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Is it possible to ovulate during period?

I am on cd2 today... (yes, the witch came on Christmas.. ugh) and I took an ovulation test out of boredom.. and I am confused because it look positive to me..

so if I am about to ovulate, is it possible to ovulate on a period?? This is the first month trying to track ovulation and such. My husband have been ntnp up until now, but I do konw that my cycles are between 22-26 days.

Thanks all!

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That's not positive hon...for an OPK a positive means the test line is at least as dark as the control line, not just any visible test line. to you!!

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I think technically one CAN ovulate during menstruation, if you have short cycles you could ovulate on one of the last days of your period.

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That is a negative. Your body always has traces of LH surge, that is not strong enough to release an egg.
The line has to be as dark or darker than the other line.

well if you've short cyle it's possible you're about to ovulate. Hopefully thats the case!

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That is not positive but really anything is possible, I once read on here about a lady who swears she concieved/Ovulated at the end of her period so it is possible but just a small %, Just keep testing and when both lines are the same darkness then u know ur fixing to O

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Ok ladies even though I'm 26 I'm new to the cycles & ovulation.At 16 I no sooner had my first cycle and was put on Depo it stopped my cycles..At 19 I went off it and never had a cycle.The doctors said there was no reason to worry even though I was because I thought id never get preg if I wasn't working.just recently I was having problem with my hair & nails & a friend said take prenatal vitamins so I did and I had my first period in almost 6 years followed by another one the following question is can you ovulate when your periods longer then it should be (12 days) and while you have any spotting?Thanks & sorry this is so long

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