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Can you get morning sickness the day after conception?

Hi, I just wondered if anyone knows...

I'm pretty sure I ovulated over the weekend and in the early hours of sunday morning I had this really strange sensation in my lower abdomen which felt like a sort of churning.

Ever since I've been feeling sick and "different".

I had sex on Friday and Saturday morning...

Is it possible that I have got pregnant and am already getting morning sickness? Or is this just wishful thinking?!

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Honestly I'd say it's wishful thinking to attribute it to pregnancy that early

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Morning sickness usually kicks in by week 4, it can differ for everyone but i would very much doubt it would happen this soon. Keep watch though and see if it continues xx

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It's can take 5-9+ days for implantation to occur... That's when the hormones will start entering your system... It's too early still... But!! You are on the right track... Sounds like you have a great shot at getting that egg!!!!!! Good luck and baby dust to you!!

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