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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Why is it so hard this time around...

I am new here, we have 2 healthy beautiful children but we want to complete our family with a 3rd one. For birth control i always use mirena IUD, every time we try to get pregnant it usually happen the 1st month so we never have to try for long
But this time around, i removed the iud on october, got my period on nov 6th to nov 9th,( i usually don t get any period when i have my iud), my last period was on dec 9th to dec 11th, i have a 35 day cycle so i was suppose to be ovulating around dec 30th according to some online calendar, so now i m waiting to see if i get my period on jan 13th or it would mean that i m pregnant, except that i don t really feel pregnant, another weeek to wait and it s really stressfull, because i never had to wait before....
this sucks...
PS i am very irregular when it comes to my cycle, not even sure if i m on a 35 days cycle

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