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Want to ttc so much but we should really wait!!

We were planning on ttc for our first baby next week when I ovulate.

We are trying to buy a house ATM and we're having trouble getting a mortgage because I only work temporarily but it's on going i know people that have worked there temporaily for years and we have our deposit saved and can still pay our repayments if I'm not working!!

It will be our first wedding anniversary next month but our 9 year anniversary together. We're both 26 in the next couple of months.

I know we should wait until we at least have a mortagae sorted and we've found a house we like but I really don't want to I've waited about 6 years for my husband to finish uni then we wanted to get married and for my husband to actually agree to ttc and now it's so close I don't want to wait any longer even!!

I don't know what to do!!!

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hi becca.. all i can say is u do what ur heart says.. follow ur heart..

We ttc 9 Months ago thinking it would happen right away.. Well nope it didnt so maybe even though u start ttc right now it might now happen right away on the first month... I hope it does for u ... GL

But u and ur dh need to decide this... if i was u i would def still ttc bc u still have 9 Months after u get preggo to find a new house and all that stuff!!

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