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vitex vs red clover


im currently using red blossom but i have read it can make you put on wait due to the estrogen in it, so thinking of swopping to vitex. just wondering if anyone has used vitex what they thought of it. also when are you supposed to take it is it up to ovulation or after ovulation?


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I have been taking Vitex for just over a month now. It is important to remember that it is a slow acting herb so you must give it 3-4 mths before you give up on it.
I read lots about it working for women in the first month and so was really disheartened this cycle when my cycle has been longer not shorter.
I therefore read lots more about it and it seems these ladies were just lucky as it really does work slowly.
I have had no side effects with it. I also read about taking it only up to ovulation but am worried that if i have a two week break i will have to start the 'build up' form scratch again? Think i will keep taking it after ovulation unless i think i may be pg or just test to make sure.
Don't know if that is the right thing to do but gonna give it a go.
Good luck.x

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Hi ladies,

i have been using vitex for 3 months, going for my 4th... needless to say i'm not preggers yet! it is a slow acting her and i take it throughout my whole cycle since this herb needs to build up in your system in order for you to benefit from it, so stopping half way through won't help!! i have seen a fabulous change in my cycle! i had a 8 day lp and since taking vitex my lp is now 13 days and i have a very regular 27 day cycle.

the vitex really works well for me and i will keep on using it. I think my problem is cm and not as such ovulation etc because i do opk's every month and i o on time!

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