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flaxseed for fertility

Hi ladies just wanted to know if any of you heard of this I came across it in a old magazine then looked it up a bit mur says flax seed helps with endometries and helping your ovarys work better also brings up your omega 3 and much more I started it last monday and the day I ovulated I knew I was ovulating bc tmi. I went to the bathroom and my discharge was clear and hanging out of me lol I know ill but I've always read that fertile discharge is like eggwhites soo hoping it helped this month wondering if any of you have tried it or heard of it also I'm 8 dpo today hoping to see symptoms

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I have never tried flaxseed but it sounds like it worked for you. EWCM is a very fertile sign, good for you!! Sounds like you ov'd. Don't be upset if you don't notice that many pregnancy symptoms, for many women the first sign is a missed period. GL!!!!!!!!!!!!

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