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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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period between ov and af

Hiya, After spending the last few months trying not to stress over ttc and not doing any monitoring (just been taking prenats) I decided this month I would go back to using OPK. I seem to have had a positive OPK in the last few days only thing is I am due my af aroung the 11th which only gives me around 8-9 days between ov and af. I have read online that this can cause probs gettting preg and also miscarriage if I am lucky enough to get BFP and there should be at least 10 days in between. Has anyone else experienced this and went on to have a BFP or had to get further medical intervention. My hubby just had his SA yesterday so we have around a 2 week wait for results them I am going to go to my doc. Many thanks in advance for anyones advice. xxx

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