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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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New to the Group! TTC #3

Hey Ladies! I am new to the group. I have a 16 year old son and a 1 year old son (next week). Hubby and I are wanting to have another real quick so the youngest has a sibling and before we are officially too old. We got pregnant right away with the one year old. My cycles are kind of crazy but AF is due today. I got a BFN but no signs of AF. I am hoping I ovulated late. FX. I have all the symptons...face breaking out, bloated, nipple tenderness. I spotted three days last week so I thought that was implantation...but still BFN. Sigh. Trying to stay positive. I just wanted to introduce myself...I am excited to get to know you all. I am in a baby group from my 1 year old and we still talk daily.

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Hello! I'm working on #3
I missed my O by 1 day according to apps and CM so I'm in the 2WW. We did BD once, but I don't think we got the egg.

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I'm kinda ntnp for no 3 ....

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Hi! I'm same new ! I have to 3 years old son and want else one more baby

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