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Don't give up

i thought I would post a message of hope here. I had 2 miscarriages - one at 40 and the other a couple years later. I just turned 45 the other day and am here with my precious newborn. We weren't exactly fact I was scared to be pregnant ever again. I did pray that if it is meant to be, to please let it happen. My old doctors had told me there was like a 1% chance.

I want to let you know to not give up on your dream. One way or another it CAN happen. I did read some good research on CO Q10 for egg quality- I had taken this on and off just for health reasons. I wasn't doing anything else, as we weren't trying. I just always had walked a lot, done yoga, and ate healthy. Not sure on the Vitex and DHEA, but doctor had mentioned once DHEA to me.

My pregnancy was fine, despite bad hypermesis the first 4 months. Due to age they had me do ultrasounds every week the last 6 weeks. My doctor herself had twins at age 45 and she never once mentioned age.

I wish everyone the best of luck.

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Congrats to you!!!
Can you tell me if you were regularly taking supplements and what ones they were? I wasn't sure by your post if you doctor recommended them to you or if you were actually taking them?


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Congratulations hopie2015, what amazing news! Sorry for your losses along the way, but what a lovely happy ending xxx

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Wow! Congratulations!

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Congrats to You, Congrats for you hope and positivity. I will also say don’t give up; women are quite capable of conceiving right up to their menopause. So there is always hope, with some recommendation such as a balanced diet, involved in regular exercise, maintain body weight and no smoking and alcohol consumption. Your doctor can provide you with more specific information after evaluating your general health and family medical history.

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Congratulations and THANK YOU for sharing a message of hope

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