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Ava Bracelet /

Hello friends,

Just a disclaimer: I am NOT associated with this company nor am I trying to make a 'commercial' etc for this product. OK!

I saw this in the "regular" Trying to Conceive part of this forum, and thought I'd share about it here.

1) It's not cheap--so many will not like it up front for that reason (DEFINITELY not bashing on this!!!)
2) You've already got your 'system' down--but I literally was getting morosely depressed doing my temp, peeing on OPK's, charting--every month stressing 'am I doing this right???'...I am in HUMBLED AWE of women who can do this---please don't flame me (or anyone else like me) who just cannot, for whatever reasons, aren't able to do it.

I'm in my 40's. I have ZERO problem with this, but I have a husband who works out of town a LOT for his job, and I think my charting etc was way off because my system never really got back to 110% "normal" after my m/c, though my doctor has done several tests and says I'm fine---having a chance at help like this--well, I know what to ask from Santa this year

I wouldn't have ever heard about this if it weren't for this site. On the site it says it's not yet for Android, so I thought I'd pass that along too. so I thought I'd share . Thanks for being so supportive on so many things! Here's to all!!!

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