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21 day bloods

Wonder if someone else has done the 21 day test? I have had my hormones bloods doney lh level is slightly high but nothing to worry about. I have had 2 bloods done for progesterone first was done on the wrong day as i was a week out of sync so cycle was longer than normal.

I had a weird cycle 2 cycles ago i was a month lae apparently i hadnt od. Last cycle my guut feeling was i was ping early wuth stabby o pains i had a pos opk and bnt increased. Last cycle was my first cycle with vitex as well as i have had a few cycles were i spot for a few days before af and i also read on the susun weed site if after a while if you havnt conceived whilst using red clover use vitex as well. So i had my test done 8dpo. It came back 12. I spoke to my doc and she said they have to calculate the timing and was done at the wrong time. The original doc said it didnt matter if it was a day or 2 over. She also said i have a kid already i jave other signs eg bbt going up so my progestone is fine
But as its nhs and i have a child they wont do any more blood tests or refer. So my q is was she just fobbing since i cant bw refered anyway or is there a chance shes right? Also will vitex help that? I just dont know if to be worried or not. My bbt went up so its really confusing but ive read u can how low prog and still get a high bbt

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