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Can anyone help please?

Hey so I'm 41 & ttc with my 5th (3rd was born asleep). I've got terrible lower back pain, which travels down my right bum cheek & right leg to my knee. I've also had lots of heartburn lately, lots of zits (not sure if the easter bunny is to blame for them tho). Im so tired but still breastfeeding my 18 month old 4hrly as he has hypoglycemia so can't go over 4 hrs, so not sure if this is why. Also got sore boobs & nipples. Has anyone else had the same on cycle day 25 with a bfp later on. I have 6 days to wait to test. Im also a bit crampy in my pelvic area. I did feel like this with my last pregnancy but not until much later on?? I'm due my AF on sunday!

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I was tired at work a couple weeks ago I could barely keep my eyes open. I was emotional and a bit crampy. I was at grocery store and decided grab test not expecting BFP but got one. The only date it possibly happened was april 2nd. I tested april 15th.

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