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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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After stopping using susten periods delayed for 12 hrs

I used CoeDHEA Plus, Bestova 100 & Z Q 10 for egg growth as prescribed by doctor and on 7th day Dr prescribed 75IU for egg growth. I am generally on my regular periods 28day cycle. After taking the injection I ovulated on May 9th 2017 (early than the regular) & 2 eggs released. My doctor prescribed me to use Susten 200 from 11th May - 29th May. After using Susten tablets for 18 days (from 11 - 29 May) my period which should start on 26th May is delayed and from 31st May - 4th Jun i had brown discharge and dry clots appeared two times and no blodd spotted and the pregnancy test came negative. Today is Jun 9th & No periods yet Means my periods are delayed for 11 days & no early preg symptoms also. Please suggest if i am pregnant or wen can i test again

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