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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Breasts Usually Sore from ovulation to AF, but no soreness this month.

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this idea of posting in forum...
Anyway, AF has always been regular for me monthly. Usually my breasts gets sore and painful from ovulation time straight up to AF and this has been the norm for years. However, this month I'm not experiencing any soreness or pain even though I'm days past ovulation. Has anyone ever experienced the same and ended up with a BFP on the month you felt no breast soreness?

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Same with me this month - no normal bb soreness. Have had occasional thudding ache but not the usual soreness. No AF yet and if my tracking app is right should be 18 dpo today - no BFP yet though.

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Yes me! As a matter of fact looking back this was my first indicator for a PG.

I usually get sore bbs at around AF-7 but the month I got a BFP with dd3 there was nothing.

GL ladies hope by now you both saw a BFP xx

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