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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Doctor recommended break after first cycle unsuccessful

My DH and I completed completed our first doctor assisted cycle last month after over a year of trying to conceive on our own. I was prescribed Letrizole for the first few days, then we added Follistim, and eventually Menopur injections before my trigger shot with timed intercourse. Everything looked great, we triggered three mature follicles and two that were borderline and timed our sex perfectly, but the day before I was scheduled to have a blood drawn pregnancy test I started my period.

Today the doctor confirmed the BFN but suggested that we take a break for a month as my ovaries are still quite large from the injectables last month. She said not to be alarmed because everything will go back to normal this cycle.

I guess my question is.... What does that mean for us this cycle? Should I track my ovulation on my own this month? Since the follicles are already large, and that's what we were trying to accomplish last cycle, will they stay this size and be triggered naturally? More frightening.... Will these follicles be healthy? Should we *NOT* try this month?

Of course all of these questions came to me after I left the doctor's office....

Have any of you wonderful ladies been through similar diagnoses? Any suggestions or advice would be *greatly* appreciated.

Thanks for your help and guidance!!!

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I'm sorry your first medicated cycle didn't take! I think you're totally okay to try naturally this cycle. I've done 2 IUIs with injectibles (both BFN). They like you to take a cycle off in between injectible cycles to avoid cysts or hypertimulation and to let your ovaries shrink back down to the normal size. I tracked ovulation and found that I O'd a day or two later than expected the first natural cycle after a medicated cycle. Good luck with your next cycle!

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