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Back on the boards for baby #3....

Hello all! I am back on the boards as last time you all were very helpful! :thumb up:

My son is in heaven, he turned 4 in July. My daughter turns 3 next month and we are looking to add one more child to our crazy family. I am now 36 so TTC after 35 is in full effect.

With my son and daughter we were pregnant the first month of trying. This time, I am on my 3rd cycle, I seemed to be having trouble coming off birth control. I then had to be taken off metaformin (was on it not for diabetes but due to a metabolic disorder) as my period came 20 days later extremely heavy and I was in some pain. Now, on this 3rd cycle, I am either 10/11 DPO, I *think* I have a faint positive squinter but cramping for the past three days and brown discharge only when I wipe. I really feel like AF is on its way but nothing as of yet. I am CD 25 with my usual period being about 24-26 days.....

AF is due tomorrow.

My husband is driving me nuts as he thinks we can just get pregnant b/c he has had it that way in the past.

Just wondering if anyone is similar, as us.

Thanks all!

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