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Would routine smear make period come early

Just wondering if any of you guys have an experience on smear tests making period come early? I had a routine smear last week and always have a 28 day cycle. Low and behold af arrived 5 days early resulting in a 23 day cycle. This has me worried that with age its the start of my system starting to prepare for menopause and us ttc presently

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Your period starts 10 to 14 days after ovulation. And this is pretty fixed at each woman’s individual number of days. It just means that you ovulated 4 days early. It's just coincidence (oh, and sex can't bring your period on either. It's all down to hormones causing ovulation). Being 4 days early is nothing to worry about, and not at all uncommon. Pap smears may reason cervical inflammation and introduce microorganism into the vagina. That could reason a miscarriage. My MW waits until eventually the 2d trimester. So as to do pap smears for this reason. Merely to be as secure as conceivable. Nonetheless, I imagine it isn't likely and maximum. So as to do them robotically in the course of the first trimester. Maximum miscarriages are with the aid of chromosomal abnormalities. That are inconsistent with lifestyles. And so not something you do ought to either reason or avert them. Much information on this I got from my clinic. Perhaps you can ask your doctor too.

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