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how do sperm get through mucus after ov?


I read there is a small chance you can get pregnant after ovulation but you have a very small window of time.... just wondering how this is possible if the sperm have troubles swimming through the creamy mucus that comes after ov?

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I think you have gotten your facts wrong. You have the ewcm prior to ovulation. That means when you experience ewcm you are in your fertile period. At that time when you have sex it is so likely you get pregnant. This happens 14 days after the last time you stared your periods. Meaning it is in your 14th day that you are fertile. In this case it only covers those who undergo 28-30 days. But for those who are irregular. It will depend with their span of days. So when you experience the ewcm it is likely that you can get pregnant. This is because the cm facilitates the movement of the sperms. The ph. created favors sperms too. That when the sperms reaches the fallopian tube. Where the egg will be. It will be easier for it to fertilize it. Then it moves to the uterus for implantation. You can hear cases when people have ewcm after ovulation. Most of these people are pregnant at this time. As after ovulation you should experience near dryness. Or a very low quantity of cm.

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