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Pregnant at 44–Supplement help

Hi all. I’m currently 5 weeks pregnant. I had a mc at 14 weeks , then no bfp for 16mo, then a chemical in July, and another bfp in August followed by a mc in oct at 2-mo. I have a 4yo and we are hoping this one sticks.

All of my recent bfps were after taking a combo of nicotinamide riboside and ubiquinol. I’m currently on 1600mg NR and 800mg ubiquinol. My last mc occurred shortly after I tritrated off these supplements, only I was on 750mg NR (went down to 500mg) and 600mg ubiquinol (went down to 400mg). My herbalist told me not to change anything for a while (not sure when) but she also doesn’t know these supplements. My OB has ZERO knowledge about either of them, too. I honestly attribute the bfps to NR since I’ve been on ubiquinol for a while, but also think the ubiquinol helped.

My question is...has anyone kept on either of these supplements through the first trimester, did you titrate off or stop cold turkey? Thanks!

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Hi and congrats!
I got pregnant with my last baby at 40 and took ubiquinol for the first trimester. I was taking 600mg before I got pregnant and then cut that in half for for the remainder of the first trimester then stopped it altogether at 12 weeks. My OB was ok with me taking the lower dose for my entire pregnancy if I wanted.
I don’t have any experience with the other supplement. Sorry.
I really think that at our age the losses are all chromosomal so once you’re pregnant the extra supplements are more for peace of mind as they’ve already done all they can do to help your egg quality. I wish you a heathy pregnancy.

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Hi, congrats! Agreed with Love4you, and want to add that in case of 3+ recurrent mcs I would recommend seeing a doc to dig deeper. If chromosomal aneuploidies are the issues, then you might be recommended combining yr treatment with PGS NGS xx

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