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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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How do I chart reliably?? 39 and trying for my 2nd

Hi all,

39 and trying for my 2nd, my dd is 14 so quite a gap.
Just wondering how I should start?

Should I see my Gp? Do I start charting? Ovulation sticks? Vitamins?

Thank you xx

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I went and saw my midwife for a basic exam to get the "all clear" before we started TTC #2.

I am a huge fan of charting (I recommend Fertility Friend, which also has a detailed tutorial on charting all of your signs). I would definitely chart BBT (you'll need a BBT thermometer for it, a regular one won't do) to confirm ovulation, since those of us who are AMA may not always ovulate reliably. OPKs are also handy in giving you some warning as to when you're gearing up to ovulate, so you can get your BD'ing in. I like Babii brand, they're about $12 for 50 sticks on Amazon.

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