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Thoughts on artifical insemination kits?

I ran across some info today on artificial home insemination kits and my interest was immediately piqued because the hubby and I have been actively trying for the most part for 6 years. I've had chemicals and miscarriages and actually am at 10 DPO currently and actually really really think I'm pregnant this time around. However, in the even that AF arrives on time in 4 or 5 days I've been seriously entertaining the thought of trying one of these kits (see link below). Hubby is actually a retired GP doctor so I'm confident he can help me do this no problem. My question being, has anyone tried any kits or the one for the link below? I honestly had no idea there were kits like this out there and had I known I would have tried one long ago! From what I can find there is about a 39% chance of pregnancy with these kits over a 6 month period, versus around 40/41% with actual doctor office IUI's. TIA!

PS: Retired GP doctor hubby thinks this is a viable option and that within reason, this could be tried at home. We had a good discussion about this between the two of us. He knows I exhaustively have also researched IUI's (getting them done in a doctors' office) in the past as well. Also, the syringe itself he says (so long as it's only used on yourself and no one else) can be sanitized in alcohol using a specific procedure and time frame to be reused again.

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