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18dpo still bfn and no af??? Late ov, or BFP? HELP!!!

Ok, a bit of history.... so I always had a 28 day cycle like clockwork, but in these latter years (I'm now 42yo) my cycle has shifted between 26-28 days (I keep track with FF). I have been early before, but NEVER more than one day late.

In addition, I get sore breasts every month after ov that go away a day before af comes. Some months they're super sore, other months they're slightly sore, but they ALWAYS go from pancakes to muffins after ov, then right back to pancakes just before af comes. I usually track ov using opk strips, and history over past 12 months my ov has been as early as cd 13, with the latest being cd 15.

I could kick my own rear, as I did not track my ov this month and of course, this would be the month I'm having the issue. Assuming I ov'd on cd 13, which is what FF shows as ov date... I would now be 18dpo, as this is cd 31 for me. I am officially 3-4 days late, which I have NEVER been this late before. To add insult to injury, my tata's were flat as pancakes with no life whatsoever up until cd 24 (strange), when I woke up at 2am with excruciating pain in my rt ovary region. Felt like someone was socking me over and over for about 20 good long minutes, I was actually folded over holding my stomach and moaning. Then the pain subsided and was gone by 6am. On (cd 26), the pancakes started to inflate (cleavage, yay!) into muffins, and the achiness started to kick in, a day before my anticipated af. Since then, they have grown a cup size and become a little achy, which they still are. Took a cb test 16dpo, BFN. Took an ic this morning, another BFN. So I wonder... did I just happen to ovulate late? If I did, then af would not be expected until cd 37 or 38. Or is this a pregnancy that I just can't seem to get a bfp on yet? Anyone have this happen before? What was your outcome?

Other noted activity: dry as a bone (no cm) up until after the ovary pain. Now sometimes dry, sometimes wet, but cm regular white and thick to lotiony, but not abundant. Since rt ov pain, light throbbing sensation in right ovary area off and on. Some off and on cramping across lower tummy into pelvic region, comes and goes, but no spotting at all, not even with that ovary pain. Even when check with finger, nothing but white cm.

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Just stumbled across this thread and having same issues so can’t really help. It am interested to see if AF did show or did you get a BFP???

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