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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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TTC#1 at almost 40, anyone?

Hello girls!

I have re-joined this forum after almost 7 years! haha im almost 40 now

I was TTC when i was only 33, with my then husband.

Now i have a fiance so starting this rollercoaster again! and a bit scared/excited of what's coming.

I just wanted to see if anyone else is trying for their first at this age, and their experience so far.

Back in 2010 i found this forum so helpful. Not being able to conceive was the hardest and saddest thing i have ever experience in my life.
This time though, i am seeing it with a different light, and i have promised to myself that i will be fine with either outcome. But i think, it always helps to talk with people going thru same experiences.

So i will start!

  • I am 39, turning 40 in May
  • Trying my first IUI this Sunday!
    **Doing a mix of letrozole with insemination where they will wash DF sperms and use the best ones
  • I have never been on any sort of birth control nor tried any type of assisted conception in the past
  • I had timed intercourse with my ex for 10 months with no luck, and with my current fiance we probably timed it 5 months, with no luck either
  • All my fertility tests have always been perfect - no answers as to why i wasn't getting pregnant

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I just wanted to say good luck and I hope you get your bfp soon! I have had 4 pregnancies, unfortunately only one stayed, but I do have my gorgeous DS. Each pregnancy took a different amount of time to conceive. The longest was 19 months, the shortest 2 months. There is nothing wrong with either mine or DHs fertility so I think so much of it is luck. I hope the iui works and you get a bfp very soon! Fx!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Aw thanks so much FLOU!

I ended up not doing the IUI

my clinic didnt want to accept me because i was in a country with zika risk in dec, and going to one with a zika risk on may. So i will have to wait until dec to do anything (had no idea about this)

Who know what will happen... i feel my chances get lower and lower with time

Thanks for the good wishes though!

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arianne - good luck, and stay positive! xx

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I got pregnant at 45 after years of trying. We did IVF, IUIs, Fertility drugs etc... I had a tubal reversal after a failed IVF. Everything else happened after that. Just wanted to offer a small bit of advice and what we thought was the reason it took so long.
I was getting a positive LH surge about day 10-12. We have found since getting pregnant that even though my surge is early I'm not ovulating until about day 16-18. The Drs. We're having us prep for day 12-13 so we had been way off all this time. After researching this is common for older women. I just wish I had known that a lot earlier.
So look for ovulation pains and pay attention to that. With older women a positive LH doesn't always mean you will ovulate in 24 hrs.
I hope this helps some of you.☺️
Oh, I got pregnant without trying after we gave up all the charting and decided not to try anymore. No fertility drugs or anything. We were just missing the right ovulation day all those yrs. LOL. I have a Happy Healthy 20 month old son.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hi! I am new here. I am 37 and TTC #1. DH and I married late and just started TTC this year. We were TTC naturally this past year, and I was tracking a little, but not very well I guess. We finally got into a fertility clinic. We had the remainder of a cycle to try before dr would start any treatments after I got my next af. So, I did ovulation test strips testing my LH levels and I found a peak about a week later than I thought my ovulation was (by going off of predicted ovulation for my cycle). We did a very good job this past cycle. I am now about 5 days late (and I'm very regular 33/34 day cycles) and about 15 dpo (from what I predicted ovulation after my LH surge). I have lots of symptoms and every day it is a bfn. I will do a blood test at dr on Tuesday (it would be Monday if it wasn't for the stupid holiday).

I am going crazy. It's hard to believe that we did it right and I actually am pregnant, but all the signs are there except the stupid bfp.

Really just needing to chat with others because I'm driving myself insane.

I'd like to get on a Facebook group too, but doesn't it show in your newsfeed that you join a group even if it is a private or closed group?

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Good luck. I got pregnant 2 months before turning 46. I wasn't trying, wasn't doing anything special and had only dtd one time the month I got pregnant. I had tried for years when I was younger and couldn't get pregnant. Once I hit 40, I started being able to get pregnant but had 3 miscarriages. Then I finally gave up. Now I have a healthy 5 year old daughter. Crazy how all this can work sometimes. I hope that it happens for you.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Hello! I am 39 and will be 40 if I get my BFP this year! Which I am hoping so.

I lost my son last year at 21 weeks and it has been devastating to me. This was my first time being pregnant aside form my chemical the month before getting pregnant with him.

I am taking supplements as of now. I wanted to try the natural way for 2 months before going back to the IUI's and meds.
I am taking the following supplements:
Geritol tonic
Baby aspirin
Folic Acid
Vitamin c
Vitamin E
Prenatal w/DHA

I think I am going to add
Royal Jelly
Vitamin D

Hoping for that BFP!! Good luck!

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