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TTC No 4 once Mirena removed

Hi all

Not been about for some time. Life has had its ups and downs. My relationship broke down and I have a new man in my life who has made me feel something I have never felt before.

We have discussed numerous times having the coil removed and TTC and here we are.

Planning on having the removal this week if I can get booked in.

Iím so excited I must say. I never thought I would be here again 😁😁😁

If anyone has any experiences of pregnancy after coil removal Iíd love to hear them 😊

Thank you for reading xx

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Mum (Mom)
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Hey lovely!

Iím in the same boat as you! Iím 35 and I have an 8 year old from a previous relationship, been with my current partner 5 years who also has a child (heís 10years old) but we want one of our own.

I had my Mirena coil removed last week on the 23rd August after having it in for 5 years. Iíve had abit of cramping and starting to spot/bleed - not sure if this is a withdrawal bleed?

Started taking folic acid and we are going to start to try next month once Iíve had a period so I can start to see where my cycle is.

Exiting stuff!!! Xx

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