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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Need suggestions what to do After IVF fail

Hello all, i am kathy, 39yrs, tried IVF twice in Saudi, as i am working here but both time got failed. I did consecutive months. its very heart breaking. though now i need some suggestions from experience members here what to do, when shld i try for another Ivf cycle, what med your doctors were prescribing u. As i was taking Gonalf, Merional injections but my egg follicles did not got too big with both of them, they were 18mm and only 1 egg follicle was good for fertilize. Though it did not happen. Last year one of Gyno put me on Chlomed also and it did not worked, this year Ivf got failed. so i dnt know what to do now, shld i change my Ivf center, what else matter in it. i dnt know what went wrong.

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I'm sorry, dear, for the failures you've faced. Me too. Each time is very tough to survive. Here's some of my background:
Me - 42 yrs old
Started ttc in June 2012
dx: endo & pcos
2012 - 1 round clomid - bfn.
2013 - 1 fresh ivf with 5day 2 blasts - early miscarriage
A long break for the emotional recovery.
Continuing trying naturally.
2015 - biopsy results diagnosed severe endo. Later adding pcos.
dh's results came in healthy.
2015 - another fresh ivf with oe - failure. Switched the clinics for overseas one ( money matter mostly).
2016 - ivf round with de - successful. Got bfp on day 8 after ET.
Are parents of an adorable boy.
I don't think you should switch clinics unless you feel safe and taken well care of with yours. In our case we got more reasons, and the main was that we've paid out of pocket for previous treatments, tests, etc. So could only afford continuing with less money sums. I'd also advise to have someone by your side to talk to. Just letting some steam off helps to be sane after failure. I had my dh who was absolutely understanding and supportive all way long. Found this really helpful. Also I tried to avoid baby/pregnant women centered gatherings, finding any reason for not seeing them for some time. Some friends of mine even got insulted about that or sth, but that time the only thing I cared was my emotional health if it can be put like that. I hope you'll find more answers soon, hun, keep posting. Stay strong! Hugs x

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