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There is hope - over 35!


Iím a Mum to a 7 year old boy who I had in my twenties. Iíd been on the pill since I was 15 due to bad periods and at 27 coming off the pill I didnít know what the journey to pregnancy would be like. I was on Microgynon at the time but coming off it, I fell pregnant within 2 months.

Fast forward 7 years and on a different pill (Loestrin 20) decided to start TTC again. Iím 35 now and thought again might now face a long road. Just got my BFP yesterday within a month. Can't actually believe it.

This is not a gloaty post, I know that for some the road is longer and harder than others, but we can apply that to lots of things in life. This post was just a boost of hope to whichever bit of the road youíre on and that there is still hope for us.

Sending love and luck to everyone xxx

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Congrats with your pregnancy! May these 9 months be healthy and smooth for you. I'm with you. There is hope for ladies 35+ though paths may be different. I can definitely relate here. For me it took a bit longer.. Here's some of my background:
Me - 42 yrs old. With my dh started ttc in June 2012. dx: endo & pcos. 2012 - 1 round clomid - bfn. 2013 - 1 fresh ivf with 5day 2 blasts - early miscarriage
I needed long break for the emotional recovery. Though continuing trying naturally. 2015 - biopsy results diagnosed severe endo. Later adding pcos. Dh's results came in healthy. The same year - another fresh ivf with oe - failure. For some reasons decided to witch the clinics for the overseas one ( money matter mostly). 2016 - ivf round with de - successful. Got bfp on day 8 after ET. Are parents of an adorable boy now. Being on the other side of the fence I got sure we aren't the ones who rule with issues. Little can we do with destiny. I've never imagined before I would have had this long way to nursing my son one day. I've never thought we'd have spent a fortune for dreams not coming true unless one day opting for donor egg somewhere far away from home. I've never imagined that in my life!! I believe noone is ready to face infertility troubles. Furthermore we don't get there just at once. I'm so sorry this happens to so many people nowadays. Numbers are terrifying. But I'm proud of all them trying to fight infertility, seeking all possible ways to become happy with kids. Hope is always with us. I know we want more kids and soon will pass the same way which sounds dramatic to my ear. But we have to..
Wishing you the best!! Enjoy your luck,honey x

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Congrats!! You must be elated!! I'm 36 and been ttc for 2 years. It's been a long road. I hope I get my bfp soon. Good luck to you with your 9 month journey!

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Amazing news, congrats!

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Amazing news. I have a 12 week old and I'm 39. Was ttc her for nearly 2 years. We get there in the end xx

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