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Pregnant or not... confused?

Hi there, I need some advice please. I was due for an ultrasound last Monday (30th July) for pain in my side (nothing to do with pregnancy), but as the time got closer I realised I was 17 days late for my period. I took a test on the Sunday (29th July) and it was positive. Monday came and just before I was due for my appointment I started to bleed. I explained everything to the ultrasound technician and she confirmed there was a sign of a pregnancy and that 1. I could be going through a chemical miscarriage or 2. its far too early in the pregnancy. My husband works away so I know exactly when we had sex and by my reckoning I am 3 weeks and 4 days pregnant today (if it wasn't a chemical miscarriage that is!). I would have been 2 weeks and 2 days when I had the ultrasound. I was told to take another test in 3 weeks time and phone with the result. But I'm impatient and I did one yesterday (a digital one) and it was positive, did 2 more cheap ones and they were negative. I'm peeing loads, absolutely tired out, lots of saliva although I haven't been sick, horrible taste in my mouth, backache, and twinges in tummy. A couple of days ago I was sat watching tv when I suddenly felt my head spin, but its only happened that once. What I'm asking is are these symptoms normal after a chemical pregnancy or could I have been too early and possibly still pregnant but just too soon to get a positive on all tests?

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I guess either one is possible although there really isn't any way we would be able to tell. You will just have to wait until your next ultrasound I guess.

I am guessing if the most recent digital one says positive it's likely correct, but who knows.

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Im a bit confused. If you were 17 days late you would have been over 6 weeks at the scan. How are you working your dates out? When you say you would have been 2 weeks 2 days, are you counting from conception rather than your ladmst period?

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