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AF MIA after TR

AF is MIA.

I'm 4 weeks post TR today, I was CD10 on surgery day. I thought I may have been a little PMSy a few days ago, but now I'm thinking I was more-so a little bit stressy because where the hell is she?!

Definitely not pregnant. Have only dared DTD once and that was a couple of days ago. We thought maybe that'd bring AF on because it seems to have done that many times in the past.

Nup. Nadda.

Being 42 sucks right now. So many things running through my head. And then I wonder if it's hormones going mental, or just normal stress because I've never wanted AF so much in my life as I do right now!

Has anybody had a TR and AF been crazy late for the first/first few cycles afterwards?

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Sorry didn't want to read and run. I am not familiar with that surgery but I hope AF shows up for you soon!

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