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Well i also fell pregnant really easily at 38 and at 39..infact within 1 cycle at the most. When ttc i fell pregnant really quickly but had a chemical pregnancy. On the month i got my for keeps bfp i had totally given up. I just actually thought well, im happy with the children i have..infact so much so that when i got a positive pregnancy test i was happy but kind of shocked and a bit scared! I got my bfp 3 months after my chemical and in total it took me 5 mnths to conceive this baby. I was 42 when i conceived and recently turned 43. I didnt use any methods and the biggest thing for me is, we did it every other day. It had got to the point that my dh was questioning whether i wanted a baby as we were hardly bd!! I think we must have done it a couple of times in that month and im not there you go!

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Originally Posted by FBbaby View Post
that's brilliant news mamamay, congratulations. Just one question, how did you get after all this time to trully forget about it. Did you really had no idea when you were about to ovulate, and/or didn't feel the urge to still bd at the right time, and did you really not know why AF was due?

I so wish i could let go and trully not think about it, and before AF comes, i do feel that I am ready for it, then AF comes, and I just can't let go. I know exactly when I am due to ovulate as I am very regular and get strong ovulation pressure, so can't imagine not bding then, when in any case, i always do enjoy it anyway!

Is there something we can do beside hitting our head with a hammer than can really make you forget about your cycle?
You know what, I think I had finally convinced myself that it wasn't going to happen. I was on such a downer that I just resigned myself to it never happening. I am disabled, and part of my disability has involved lots of surgery to my pelvis, and I am quite lopsided, my cervix is kind of squashed in due to the difference in length of my legs, my GP said this may have something to do with it. I didn't totally forget, but had sort of started to accept that until I went for my tests after OH sperm level came back high (would have been end of November) that it was not going to happen.

In truth I didnt forget when AF was due, or when I was ovulating either, I just wasnt focussing everything on that (and prob in a sad, not happy way tbh). I dont think I could of put it 100% out of mind when I had been striving towards that goal for so long. One more thing that may be TMI, but when I was having a real good cry to my auntie around the time I decided to give myself a mental break , she said have you tried doing a headstand after sex? I said I elevated my legs, but she said to me, try resting them up the wall for a good 15 mis and dont do it every day, do it every other day. We were on holiday so had lots of time and it was then that I conceived. Could be and prob a coincidence, but worth a try. I stayed with my legs up the wall for about 20 mins lol! And with two pillows undeneath for extra measure! I have been thinking maybe the angle of my body had been blocking of access to cervix somehow and this left nowhere else to go?

I think just being on holiday in general, you know the lay ins, not getting stressed by people at work etc and sad to say, time to actually have sex when we wanted to, as we are often so tired and working different hours. It was a good tonic for me. I wish every one well and lots of luck ! xxxxxxxx

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How did you lady's giving I'm wanting to give up complete but I don't know how. How did you guys do it?

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