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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Awwww that's great!,, meant to be!!!!! You've given me hope congratulations to you and your family!!!! Your daughter will be over the moon bless her xxx

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Racheldigger--A big congrats to you! Thank you for sharing your with us. I wish you a sticky bean & hh 9 months.

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Originally Posted by Racheldigger View Post

Sorry for shouting so loudly, but I don't know whether to laugh or cry because THIS IS RIDICULOUS!

When I finally noticed that my period was 5 days late, I assumed it was the menopause... like you would at my age... and I assumed that I was imagining that my breasts were hurting all the time and that wine and coffee had stopped tasting nice... and I assumed that my joints were all aching because I'm old... and I ended up telling myself that it was entirely the power of suggestion and wishful thinking that was causing me to eat raw anchovies out of the jar...

but two very clearly positive pregnancy tests can't be figments of my imagination (can they?)...

so it's official: I am five weeks pregnant!

Why is this ridiculous? BECAUSE IN EXACTLY A MONTH, I SHALL BE FORTY-EIGHT YEARS OLD. I haven't have a sniff of a conception for more than two years, and that one miscarried at ten weeks. We've been giving away our baby things, knowing that Rowan was never now going to have a sibling to pass them down to... and only last month, we let our NCT membership lapse. I am nearly forty-eight years old, and I'm pregnant... wish me luck, ladies, because I cannot imagine how much of it I am going to need!
WOW! Congratulations! I hope it works out for you! You are still young!

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Amazing !!!!!!!!! You give me hope for another I'm 44

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