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Sorry M..

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Milty, this is exactly what was happening to me ! I agree with Liz, you need to get some testing done. In my case' I was borderline insulin resistant, bordering on pre diabetes.... For three months, I did intensive acupuncture, took herbs, and intensive chiropractic. I also majorly changed my diet, which I still adhere to (diet, Acu,chiro)...I am gluten and sugar free, and diary free. What tat means, no pro fessed sugars, no rice, no wheat was hard at first. I eat organic meats....and replenish my calcium in foods and supplements.

I do think the diet changes are what significantly helped my blood sugars, my blood sugar levels dropped 20 points, and my blood sugar test are the lower end of normal. Point being, you gotta figure out what's blocking your pregnancy success.

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So sorry milty, but something is trying to happen and is happening. I feel really positive for you and trust it will happen for you soon.

Rashaa that is super interesting about all the diet changes. I know in my heart that sugars are evil and so wrong for us it really takes an effort to convert all your diet way to go. I have a friend at work who switched to palio diet and says he feels so much better plus he lost a ton of weight.

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